Astutorial Editions

1 Logging into Astute Online

Reset Your Own Password and PIN
The requirement of adding a PIN when logging in, is to protect:

  • your client's confidential portfolio information
  • your reputation and personal information
  • the system

In addition, the Forgot Password and PIN link, is available to each user to assist in the login process and can be utilized at anytime. This 4-step login process empowers you to perform this function on your own.

CLICK HERE to view the the 4-step Login Process

Login Errors You Can Solve

Error: Your Account is currently pending verification
Trying to login without completing the verification process.
The account has been created, but the user has not confirmed (verified) his/her account.

When the profile was created, the user received an email with a link to confirm the account. This is a requirement to complete the account verification process.

  • type in your Username or ID > click Reset password
  • you will receive another temporary PIN and email
  • open the email and click Change Password and complete the required fields, as above.

The Administrator within your company, can also resend the confirmation email to you.

Note: the link is only valid for 8 hours, from the time the mail was sent.

What do do:  

- If it is within the 8 hour period: the user can simply refer to the email and click the 'confirm your account'; link and complete the required fields and confirm the account.

- If the 8 hours have lapsed or the email was deleted: click the Forgot Password and PIN hyperlink

Error: The credentials supplied could not be validated
 Incorrect capturing. The Username, Password and/or PIN didn't match the registration we have on our database.

What to do: Check the following

  1. A valid username is either your ID Number or the username an Administrator created for you. It is not case sensitive.
  2. The password is case sensitive. Check the caps lock key on your keyboard is not activated then retype your credentials again.
  3. A new PIN can be generated if the previous one was forgotten (or if logging on to Astute Online for the first time). Simply click on the Forgot Password and PIN hyperlink to receive a new PIN.

**Remember the Password and PIN work simultaneously and you will receive a new email with a link to change your password.


When to use the Forgot Password and PIN hyperlink:

 First time users:

 - the first step to obtain a pin and password to login
 - when the account confirmation link has expired, after 8 hours

Returning Users

 - failing to login i.e. forgot or misplaced your Password and/or PIN
 - wanting to change the Password and/or PIN